Selected for you are more than 190 establishments that are some of the best representations of each category on the guide. Plus, a few more that are just a bit outside of this boundary.

Now imagine yourself walking up Correo, choosing hand-blown glassware for your table at La Casa de Vidrío, El Correo for a traditional Mexican comida, Panio for French pastries, then onto Agave Sky for that special pair of luxuriously embroidered cowboy boots....

I love this map. I can read the street names without my glasses!     Ivar

The 3rd edition of the map has a Street Index of 900+ streets and more. What is an "Ancha", "Calzada", "Bajada"? Now you will know!


San Miguel de Allende's colonias and barrios are easily defined by colors. Details include one-way arrows, pedestrian-only zones, gardens, and the World Heritage and Centro Histórico boundaries.

Excerpts  from the Street Index

Map Specifications

paper with glossy laminate on both sides

accordion fold

opened: 31" wide x 26.5" tall   78.8 cm x 67 cm

 I find myself using digital maps more and more in my travels, so perhaps you might offer that option. 


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Rhonda's Centro Histórico Guide & Street Map of San Miguel de Allende is also available as a georeferenced map that can be used on all of your electronic devices. 

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