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What's new in the 3rd edition?

It's all in the details!

  • An exciting story to share is how I was drawn into the real-life adventure of a graphic designer that discovered antique handwritten letters at a Paris flea market which lead to the creation of a new font, Marcel, which I purchased for the map's decorative font. This is her captivating story.

  • Hundreds of hours were spent updating the map with new streets, widened roads, overpasses, parks and colonias within the boundaries of the map.

  • The map is 3.5 inches taller so as to include the entire colonia of Independencia and newer areas of Residencial Vista Antigua, Fracc. Nuevo San Miguel and Parque Municipal Zeferino Guittérez, named after the bricklayer and designer of the façade of the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel.

  • The Street Index (900+ streets) took three months to create and was cross-checked three times. If you have discovered a typo or change, please let me know. I did my utmost best to make it 100% accurate.

  • To update the Guide we dined at new restaurants, shopped at new boutiques, took cooking classes, used the hospitals and bought fine art. Thorough research.

  • My sincere appreciation to Jim Castro and Wesley Gleason for their continued support of my map and for being the sole advertiser for all three editions! Did you notice that the website background is an agave plant?
    Agave Rentals & Real Estate

  • Thank you to my husband, Albert, who makes all of our meals which enabled me to spend even more time on this two-year endeavor. Now if I could just get him to wash the dishes.

Rhonda Lerner

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