36 Hours in San Miguel de Allende

by Rhonda Lerner

If you only had two days to spend in San Miguel de Allende with unlimited energy (and finances), this itinerary gives a full-bodied flavor of town. Don't laugh about buying a home on the first day, I bought a home on the second day. Each recommendation has been throughly and repeatedly tested by yours truly. Click on the pictures for more information.

Day 1

7:00 am

8:30 am      

9:45 am   

12:30 pm

2 pm

3:15 pm 

4:30 pm

8 pm

Late Evening

An early morning stroll

Breakfast at Cumpanio on Correo

Historical Walking Tour of San Miguel

Agave Rentals | Real Estate

Néctar & Camino Silvestre

Piedras for jewelry

Agave Rentals | Real Estate

Antonia Bistro SMA

The Jardin by night

Day 2

6 am      

9:30 am   

11:00 am

1 pm 

2-4:45 pm

5 pm

7 pm

Late Evening

Hot Air Balloon Ride by Globo San Miguel

Arrange for a catered breakfast by Rústica to be served after a safe landing

Chapel of Jimmy Ray + Tour

Atotonilco Gallery 

Fábrica La Aurora


Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar

Planning Your New Life in SMA